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A lot of modules exist. Modules communicate with each other over a CAN bus. The protocol for all modules is fully documented. No central controller module is required. Software to configure the behaviour of the system is available for free.

Modules Edit

VMB1LED 1-channel 5A-12V/24V LED dimmer for dimming LED strips.
VMB1RY 1-channel relay module (change-over switch)
VMB4DC 4-channel 0(1)-10V control output voltage
VMB4RY 4-channel relay outputs (NO contacts) and 4 button inputs 180€
VMB4RYLD 4-channel relay output module (single pole NO) with common voltage (power) input. 180€
VMB4RYNO 4-channel relay output module (single pole NO) 180€
VMBDME 1-channel 200W dimmer for electronic and resistive loads, suitable for halogen lamps and lamps connected using an electronic transformer.
VMBDMI 1-channel 400W dimmer for inductive and resistive loads
VMBRGBDC 3-channel 5A-12V/24V LED dimmer for dimming LED strips. Controlled by a 0..10V input voltage.
VMB1BL 1-Channel shutter or sunblind module.
VMB2BL 2-Channel shutter or sunblind module.
VMB1TC Temperature controller with LCD display.
VMB1TS Temperature sensor module for mounting inside a switch socket to measure room temperature.
... and more...

Software Edit

Teo & Tea Open source software to show data from a Velbus installation, and also to bridge them using a TCP/IP server
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