Welcome to the Wikia on Home Automation. Our aim is to be the ultimate knowledge base on everything related to home automation. We hope to cover everything from lighting to audio to voice controls in systems simple enough for do-it-yourselfers and complex enough to require professional installation.

List of existing DIY projects Edit

Freebus Website is rather terrible. Originally written in German and then somewhat translated. Is based on EIB. Different modules exist to control stuff.
VSCP - Very simple control protocol Rather complicated. Is event based. When something happens (e.g. a button is pressed), then this event is transmitted to ALL nodes. A lot of different hardware modules are supported.
Yakko Protocol for communication between microcontrollers, intended for home automation. Atmega based. Last update nov 2007.
Templetronics Custom hardware using AVR. Started but never completed.
Souliss Home Automation Arduino based. See also their wiki. Have a communication layer to let modules communicate with each other, independent of the medium.
Open Remote Seems to be something with which you can control a bunch of existing hardware systems.
IDOM Seems to be nothing. Started but never got anywhere
Minerva Seems to be only software. Not clear how they interface with e.g. X10 modules
Free Domotic Software only. Not quite clear what it does exactly.
Nodo Based on Arduino and RF communication using self-made shield
Mister House Runs on PC uses Perl. Interface e.g. with X10 modules
Linuxguru Seems to be dead. Runs on an ordinary PC, of which the interfaces are used directly to control appliances.
Open HAS Seems to run on PC only. Website is very unclear.
Linux Home Automation Home automation and control (HA) Software (source code and links mostly) for the home automation devices Insteon PowerLinc V2, CM11A, CM17 (Firecracker), LynX10, WM918, HCS II and CPUXA.
Open AMI Server runs on a small Linux version that can be put on different hardware, like adapted ethernet routers.

Interface with appliances is done through a small USB based board that they created.

Home Automation Hub Runs on modified router. Uses xAP
Caraca CAN Remote Automation and Control with the AVR. Started in 2000. Only has a small I/O and IR board, and a interconnection board. Last SW update 2002.
xAP Protocol only. IP based. Implementation for different programming languages available.
OpenHAB Open source based home automation server supporting various protocols. Seems to have quite an active developer support.

List of commercial systems Edit

Velbus Intelligent modules communicating over a CAN-bus.
On-Off Small cheap modules that connect to each other using a pinheader. Only few modules available.
IPBuilding Home and Building Automation. Domotics over IP.
Clipsal C-Bus Extensive DIN module based system with wired and wireless integrated systems. Leading automation system in Australia.
Square D - C-Bus A whole range of commercial and home building automation products but also incorporating C-Bus equipment
Niko Home Control Follow-up of the Nikobus system
Home Automation Inc Since 1985. Has control, security, energy management systems. With modern interfaces including smartphones. See also this review.
Control4 Home theatre, lighting, temperature, security, ... See also this review.
Prodigy Lighting, climate and a/v control. See also this review.
QBus Modules communicating over a 2-wire bus. Light switch modules for Niko, BTcino and CJC.
DuoTecno A LOT of different DIN-rail modules and stylish touch-buttons for in the house.
B-Logicx Din rail modules. Input modules to mount in your light switches.
Domintell DIN-rail modules and stylish pushbuttons and touchscreens.
Gira A lot of user interface modules and sensor modules. Send commands on KNX/EIB system.
Dobiss DIN-rail modules on bus system, with interface to pushbuttons on a separate bus.
Comelit Simplehome

DIN-rail modules. Small modules for in your light switches. All on a bus system.

ISY ISY is the most reliable, low cost, and autonomous home/building automation and energy management system supporting off the shelf communicating devices.
Pert Home Automation Perts are smart, low cost, wifi enabled devices that lets you control home lighting,electronic devices from iphone and android anywhere,anytime.


List of personal home automation projects Edit

Websites where people describe how they automated their home, either using DIY hardware or commercial systems.

The Nolen's Automated Home Using a Homerunner as controller, and using X10, wifi, Ethernet for lots of stuff.
Agave Home Automation Agave is a new android app that uses the ISY controller for Insteon and zwave automation

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